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WonderCon 2012 Day 1 and 2 Pictures

WonderCon 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center. This wasn’t our first convention, but this time we had some serious talent with us to help document the sights and sounds of the event. Cody took out the new video camera for a spin and we should have a video up shortly. Sophano also joined us on Sunday to get some pictures of the convention and we will have those up for you soon as well.

But first we’d like to share some pictures taken by our friend Dave from Madlight Media. Dave and his Madlight crew are used to photographing models and cars. This was Dave’s first time at a nerd prom and he really enjoyed himself. Really, read the description of the event he wrote on his page! Be jealous Larry.

To see the complete gallery and read Dave’s take on his first nerd prom: make sure you visit the gallery on Dave’s site WonderCon 2012 at Madlight Media. While you’re there, check out Dave’s other work as well as that of his fellow Madlighters. We hope you like Dave’s work because we will be teaming up with him for our first ever Dated Future photo shoot! More details on that to follow (although you can consider the second picture on this page a bit of a sneak peak).

Click here to visit Madlight Media and see the rest of the photos!

Dave was only able to join us on Friday and Saturday, but don’t worry: we’ll have Sophano’s Sunday pictures as well as our event video up soon. In the meantime, enjoy Gbot’s video from last year’s Comic-Con.




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