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Leroy Goes to Hollywood


Leroy Goes to Hollywood is a short film by Dated Future Productions created for the 30th Anniversary Celebration and Fan Film contest of the cult classic film The Last Dragon. Directed by Sophano Van (To Catch a Serial Killer), the film stars Evan Copage as Leroy Green, Anthony Kiyoshi Lepage as Johnny, Jujo Ballo as Fo’Sho, and Vivian Noeung as Laura.

Synopsis: Leroy travels to Hollywood where his girlfriend is filming her new show. After meeting up with his old friend Johnny and taking a tour of the town, Leroy finds that trouble seems to find him no matter which coast he is on. In Hollywood, that trouble goes by the name of Fo’Sho, a gang leader who aspires to become the Shogun of Hollywood. Too bad for Fo’Sho, he did not plan on a martial arts master like Leroy standing between him and his plans.

Leroy Goes to Hollywood made its debut at the Urban Action Showcase in New York City on November 7, 2015.