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Five Aces: The Zybourne Clock

Five Aces: The Zybourne Clock is inspired by the doomed video game project that became a hilarious internet meme. This film takes place in a steampunk world that looks like the American wild west at first glance, but upon further inspection is much more advanced than the past we remember. Our heroes discover a mysterious wounded man clutching a strange golden egg-like device. A second stranger arrives wanting the device for himself. While our heroes are unable to find out who either of them are or what the device does, they know better than to hand over The Zybourne Clock. Action and comedy ensue.

Written and Directed by Danny Chiang
Producers – Danny Chiang, Cody Wiley, George Yee
Cast – George Yee, Dino Staats, Cody Wiley, Jose Melendez
Editor – Sophano Van
Fight Choreography – Jose Melendez
Production Designer – Cody Wiley

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