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Five Aces: The Zybourne Clock

In 2011 we set out to make a short film tribute to the never completed game The Zybourne Clock. We shot it, posted a trailer, and even raised some money for post production. Sadly, it seemed that, like the game, our film would never be completed after a series of mishaps led to almost all our materials being lost. Then, we found some of the lost footage and, with the help of a new editor, put together what we could from memory. We hope all Zybourne Clock fans get a chuckle out of this and if you have no idea what The Zybourne Clock is: do yourself a favor and Google it!

Written and Directed by Danny Chiang
Producers – Danny Chiang, Cody Wiley, George Yee
Cast – George Yee, Dino Staats, Cody Wiley, Jose A. Menendez
Editor – Sophano Van
Fight Choreography – Jose A. Menendez
Production Designer – Cody Wiley

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