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Dated Future began as two guys making YouTube videos. Our humble series of videos developed a small following and soon we were invited to become YouTube content partners with our own weekly web series. In time, others would join us and we would decide to branch out into out fields including photography and narrative film.

Our goal is to create movies “like they used to make”. In other words, we want to tell stories that would not normally be told by a big studio film. Do we wish we had the budget of a big studio film? Heck yeah! However we are passionate about the movies we make and we’re not above a little guerrilla filmmaking to get our movies made. At the same time, we believe our audience and fans deserve a polished product and we strive to give our productions a little more shine than you’d find in your average low budget film.

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Dated Future is::
Danny Chiang
Sophano Van
Cody Wiley
George Yee
Richard Haywood